Protesting workers did not allow the hospital’s medical director, administrator and human resources officers to enter the premises on day 2 of protest at Masina Hospital in Byculla. Workers, however, insisted that they were discharging their duties as per their routine.

About 450 hospital workers, who were protesting, refused to hear the management’s arguments until their demands for immediate disbursement of their pending salaries, bonus and increment were met.

‘For some time now, the hospital has been delaying our salaries, and there has been no increment or bonus. How are we supposed to celebrate Diwali? We still have not struck work, and have been carrying out our duties,’ Prashant Ishi, Secretary of the Maharashtra Navnirman Kaamgar Sena (MNKS) said.

A meeting will be held in presence of the labour commissioner at Kaamgaar Bhavan on October 10, the union said.

‘The situation is getting worse. Workers did not even allow us to go past the gate. How is the hospital going to function without people who are instrumental in running the day-to-day activities and tackling the problems that workers have been crying hoarse about?’ said Dr Rohinton Dastur, the hospital’s medical director.