The Delhi Health Minister A.K. Walia directed civic bodies and public health institutions to ensure better co-ordination to fight the dengue threat. According to reports, mosquito breeding is being found in 50% more areas in Delhi as compared to last year.

Dr Walia said field-checks conducted by domestic breeder checkers during 2012 has detected mosquito breeding in more than 12,000 premises as against 7,653 premises in the corresponding period last year. These field-checks were done by the Directorate of National Vector Borne Diseases Control Programme and the Public Health Departments of the local bodies.  

There have been three cases of dengue reported this year. “Although the number of dengue cases reported so far is the same as those reported in this period last year, yet there is a strong need to remain vigilant in view of the growing incidence of mosquito breeding,” he said.

Dr Walia called upon citizens to help the Government bodies prevent dengue by constantly checking their premises for rain water stagnation. He said there was a special need to keep an eye on coolers and waste containers and articles lying in open in which water can accumulate.

The Minister asked the Railways authorities and Municipal Corporations to ensure that intensive anti-larval and anti-mosquito spraying was undertaken on both sides of railway tracks and directed officials of the Irrigation and Flood Control Department to ensure that breeding does not takes place in the drains under their jurisdiction.

Tamil Nadu is a state that has been badly hit by dengue this season with over 2000 cases. 

  • Mayumi

    I think the two approaches are copiltmbae, because they are directed at different audiences. My complaint is that I have seen plenty of the marketing approach, but have never once seen the true transparency approach. When a prominent fundraising blog actually confuses the two, that just highlights to me how far we are from true transparency.