Scars are known to affect both body and mind, be it a scar from a pimple, surgery or an accident. Finding ways to prevent scarring after wounds or surgery has the potential to improve the quality of life, now and for generations to come. New research offers a strategy to smooth out scarring.

“Scars can be disfiguring and, if extensive enough, can lead to diminished function and quality of life.
“We hope that our findings may lead to new agents that diminish scarring and disfigurement following burns, wounds, or even illnesses that destroy skin and lead to a better quality of life for victims of these traumas,” adds Cronstein

The findings show how agents that block receptors for adenosine (a molecule generated from Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP, which provides energy to make you run, talk, play), can be applied to healing scars. “The vast majority of scars are hardly noticeable, if they can be seen at all. But for some, scars can severely disfigure not only the body, but the mind.” said Gerald Weissmann


  • Vannesa

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