Tired of popping the little blue pill? Now there is a more organic solution to erectile dysfunction. The miracle root, ginseng, has long been used to boost overall health, but now researchers have found that its tablet can cure impotence as well. The ginseng tablet that was tested on men, who suffered from the inconvenient disease, showed that there was a remarkable improvement in their performance after eight weeks of taking the tablets.

The latest research was carried out at the Yonsei University college of Medicine in Seoul, South Korea, involved 100 men who suffered from erectile dysfunction. The results showed that 30% of the men, who opted to use drugs such as Viagra and Levitra, did not see any improvement. In certain countries ginseng has long been used as an alternative therapy for the condition, but lacked the scientific backing. According to alternative healers, ginseng is rich in the compound ginsenoside that is responsible for the medicinal effects of the root.  During the research the men were divided into two groups. One group took four tablets a day made of Ginseng berry extracts and the other group was given other dummy pills.

Results showed that after eight weeks, there was a small but significant improvement in the sexual function of the Ginseng taking group.

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