With the onset of winter, Gurgaon can finally breath a sigh of relief. After grappling with the dengue menace for a long time, the hospitals in the areas have reported a significant decrease in the number of dengue positive cases.

According to the district health department, they have received only five to six cases on a daily basis, in contrast to the earlier 30-40 cases per day. As per reports the department did not receive a single case on Friday. The health department has recorded 457  dengue fever cases  and one death this year. Although the number of suspected cases has touched 1,979.

However the health department’s figures do not match with those of private hospitals, which claim much higher cases of dengue. Paras Hospital alone has reported 506 dengue cases, whereas Artemis Hospital has reported 421 cases to the health department. The two hospitals have however not reported any deaths due to this disease. The health department has also recorded only one case of death so far.

The last case of death due to dengue was reported from Dayanand Colony where a nine-month old child had died of dengue fever at Ganga Ram Hospital. The health department did not confirm this case of death or any of the other five deaths reported in September and October.

Apart from dengue the health department has recorded 628 cases of malaria and 5 cases of swine flu. In contrast previous years have recorded that only 3 people died, while only 156 cases of dengue were reported. The number of malaria cases stood at 530, with only 1 case of the flu reported.

According to health experts, residents should be warned that the drop in temperature increases the risk of contracting swine flu. They warned that pregnant women, elderly people and those suffering from respiratory problems should take extra precautions.