On Monday, a 25-year-old woman from Panvel shocked medical professionals by naturally giving birth to conjoined twins who were joined below the torso. She did so at her home and didn’t seek medical assistance at a hospital.

The babies were nearly sacrificed though by their father who was hoodwinked by a black magic practitioner and it was only a neighbour’s timely warning to a local NGO Pratham who rescued the twins and admitted them to Wadia Hospital in Parel. Subsequently, her father has been arrested.

Though the girls are stable, doctors claim that only one of them can be saved. ‘One of the babies, who has difficulty in breathing, is critical. We might not be able to save both the girls. It’s a critical case and investigation reports will have to be studied before taking a call on surgery,’ the doctor told DNA.  The babies have separate arms and legs but a common anus and weigh around 5 kg.

The only way forward is surgery to separate the twins though a recent SC ruling might have set a precedent in a case like this when the court ruled that 17-year-old twins Saba and Farah wouldn’t be separated and instead be given medical assistance from the state because there’s a very high chance that one of the twins will pass away during or after the surgery.