ProtestIt seems like the Maha government’s ruling that’ll allow homeopathic, unani and ayurvedic doctors to prescribe allopathic medicine has had an effect in other parts of the country. Nearly 25,000 doctors affiliated to AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy) Federation of India’s Karnataka branch are planning to go on an indefinite strike from today unless the government allows them to prescribe some common allopathic drugs for emergency cases. A list of 20 common emergency allopathic drugs helpful in treating emergency cases and vetted by high powered committee that includes eminent heart surgeon Dr Devi Prasad Shetty has been sent to the government for approval.

Dr Krishnaraj Bhat, the president of Dakshina Kannada branch said that the Supreme Court had directed all state governments to amend the rules 2(EE) (111) framed under the rules of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1980 to permit AYUSH practitioners to prescribe allopathic drugs based on their education, training and experience. “However, the state government is still dragging its feet on this issue,” he added.

Nearly 14 states including Maharashtra have already made these changes. “Our single point charter of demand for agitation starting from July 20 is for the government to make it legal for AYUSH fraternity to give allopathic drugs,” he said. Repeated representations to authorities concerned had not elicited any favourable response so far, he said, adding that there is no equivalent medicine in Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Sidda and Homeopathic (AYUSH) systems of medicine to treat emergency cases such as high fever or wheezing.

  • raj

    need to allow few allopatic drugs to ayush doctors too, this is for the safety of indian people

  • Gautam

    Ayurvedic treatment can go without allopathic medicine.

  • Padmalochan Dash, Ph. D student, Central University of Gujarat

    It is very good news that the country is ultimately and gradually leading toward the final “Pathy” that is “Curopathy”. Curopathy in the sense that permanent cure has to be the only aim of whatever the system or method of treatment being followed or practiced; whether it is homoeopathy, Allopathy, Ayurveda or any other alternative systems. It is also desirable in this context that any medical practitioner should possess at least some workable idea on the prognosis and symptomatology as well as the prescribing methods followed in the other systems apart from his own discipline on which he got a degree. This can enable any medical practioner to come above the limitation of his own method of treatment and take the necessary help from others for giving a complete and durable treatment to his patient.
    Any person having sound idea on medical sciences would normally accept such decision. However, it is not sufficient to decide that the Homoeo/Ayurvedic or Uniani doctors can prescribe the Allopathic medicine in the case of emergency; rather it needs to be extended up to the whole treatment sphere without any temporal and spatial considerations. Further, it is equally important to make the provision mandatory so that making allopathic doctors to have sound knowledge on the other systems is made possible.
    It would be the most welcoming step taken where all the practitioners across the various systems are made bound to work in complementarity for the ultimate goal of the best treatment of the patient in the country. This can bring and establish the best Curopathic Methodology successful in the country; on which it is expectedly possible that Indian indigenous pharmacopeia can also stand. This can bring a see change in health management methods and systems in the country.
    Therefore, it is suggested in this context that the government should bring necessary provisions and legislation toward making the above ideas successful. This should be very clearly underlined in the provisions that prescribing any system of medicines should not remain confined to the practioner of any particular system being practised in the country.

  • Deviprasad

    let allopahti doctors start selling AYUSH medcine… so simple

  • dilla

    Jai Karnataka…Doctors are looters.. they dont work for people.. only for women

  • Hospital Management

    Government is right at his palace.

  • dr jamaludeen kerala

    Its very ashimed to hear ths nws
    in ayur & homeo hav lot of medicines to handling emergency cases, even its too fast than allopath.
    In kerala most homeo & ayur drs face fever & wheeze very nicely &cured too.notonly that diseases like cancer,oa,ra,
    here allopath jealous to us personly

  • Sania.nehbal