Jennifer Aniston has come a long way from playing Rachel Green but one thing that hasn’t changed is her amazing body – in fact she looks even hotter at the age of 44 if her look in We’re the Millers is anything to go by. Playing a stripper, Aniston looks super fit and sculpted. She credits long-time yoga teacher Mandy Ingber for keeping her body, mind and soul in tip-top shape. Ingber has working with her since 2005. Her regime includes Pilates and spinning and also follows Ingber’s Yogalosphy programme which is a fat-burning workout which combines yoga with cardio and toning exercises. (Also read: How to get that Hollywood body)

‘[Yogalosophy] pairs a traditional yoga pose with a toner, so it’s like a yoga workout,’ Ingber told the New York Daily News. ‘I incorporate cardio as well as other modalities, daily playlists, recipes, journal questions.’ But it’s not just the workouts that keep Aniston in tip-top shape — it’s developing a new attitude about healthy eating and lifestyle, Ingber said. ‘It’s a positive message of loving your body into shape instead of beating yourself up,’ she explained.

Other yogalosophy proponents include Kate Beckinsale, Helen Hunt and Brooke Shields. Ingber claimed her fitness philosophy included five main objectives:

  •  Love your body
  •  Set short-term goal
  • Make healthy choices
  • Visualise your best
  • Give and receive support

‘Part of why Jennifer looks so awesome is her balance. She’s a balance of having strength, being toned, and being lean—beautiful but natural,’ Ingber told Shape. ‘She works hard, but you also see her taking care of herself. She’s a career woman and a relationship person. We should have balance in all aspects of our lives! Always address all aspects of who you are.’ (Also read: Vin Diesel’s workout and diet secrets: How the Riddick actor stays in shape)

Jennifer Aniston’s diet secret – karam sag chips!

Of course any fitness regime is incomplete with a proper diet and instead of starving herself, Aniston ate a diet rich in protein including kale which is considered extremely healthy. Instead of starving herself, Aniston, ate a high-protein diet that included lots of kale (called karam sag in Hindi), an age-old vegetable that’s considered one of the healthiest foods in the world. One serving of kale (67g) only has 34 calories of which a mere 4 calories are from fat. Along with that it has low saturated fat and virtually no cholesterol. It’s also rich in protein and packs dietary fibre and sodium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium and iron. (Also read: How celeb trainer Ramona Braganza got Hollywood hunks in shape (Exclusive))


She even said the she would cheat on her diet with kale chips. ‘I did eat that every day,’ Aniston told Access Hollywood. ‘I [ate] greens and vegetables and lean proteins and kale. When I really wanted to have a cheat day, I had to have a kale chip.’

We can safely say that Aniston’s body be a reminder to people that age is just a number! 

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