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Indian women often put themselves last when it comes to their health. It’s time we change that. Here are five simple tips for all the lovely ladies out there to stay fit and gorgeous:

Tip #1 - Eat healthy

The first step to getting fit is eating the right food at the right time. Skipping meals or eating them late will harm your health in the long run and make you more prone to diseases and infections. It’s also important to keep in mind the nutrients every woman needs to go through a healthy life cycle like iron, calcium and folic acid. Make it a point to include items rich in these nutrients in your daily meals. Flax seeds, green tea, dairy products like eggs, milk and curd are a few things that you should consume regularly. Eat dry fruits, fruits and veggies to better your system. Include salads and power drinks like juices and smoothies in your meals for added energy.

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Tip #2 – Exercise

In a busy lifestyle, your body and health often gets neglected in a rush to meet a deadline and eating out becomes a norm. It is highly important to undergo some kind of physical exercise on a daily basis to keep your body agile and fit. Sitting on a chair for long hours and staring at computer screens can lead to various health problems. Go for walks in between, stretch yourself, take the stairs instead of the lift and get some fresh air. Go to the gym or take up any physical activity like swimming, squash, yoga, Pilates, etc. to give your body some kind of exercise. If you find regular gymming boring, you can sign up for some fun options like Zumba, power yoga, belly dancing etc.

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Tip #3 – Have some ‘me-time’

Recharge your batteries by having some time only for yourself. It will replenish your senses and rejuvenate your mind. If you don’t know what to do, here are a few ideas. Indulge in a spa treatment which will relax your body and mind or take up a hobby. It could be as simple as reading a good book, writing poems, and going on a drive or trek all by yourself or even listening to music. You may not realise it but by doing this, you are relaxing your mind and letting go of your pent up stress.

Tip #4 – Regular health check-ups

They are vital so you know if you’re suffering from any hidden illness. Early detection always leads to better treatment and sometimes the symptoms aren’t so clear and you won’t feel anything until it’s too late. To avoid this scenario, visit your doctor and get routine tests done regularly. According to your age and medical history, your doctor will be able to guide you as to which tests you should undergo. Some common tests that every woman above 25 years of age should get examined for include screening for cervical cancer, breast cancer, STDs, bone mineral density, diabetes etc. Know your body well so that you know if there is something unusual and visit the doctor however small the problem is.

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Tip #5 – Reduce alcohol intake and smoking

Going for a casual drink once in a while has become a trend for many urban women and so has smoking. One often finds many women going for smoke-breaks during office hours or heading out to a club or pub for a round of drinks. What one must keep in mind is to not go overboard with it as anything in excess could lead to problems later. It is recommended that women not drink more than 2-3 units of alcohol every day or more than 14 units per week. These units are calculated based on how strong the drink is and how much alcohol content it has. Below is a table which shows what comprises of a unit of alcohol. You could also download an app to check the units for every drink.

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330 ml


Spirits (Whisky, Vodka, Tequila)

30 ml


Red wine/ White wine



While any amount of smoking is bad, it may be difficult to stop it all together at once but try and cut off little by little until you don’t have the urge to smoke any longer. Think about the harm you are causing your lungs every time you step out to smoke. So this Women’s Day, start your journey towards better health and a better and fit life ahead.

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