hourglass figureAsk women if they want a curvaceous body like Beyoncé, Bipasha and Scarlett Johansson, and you will get a screaming ‘yes’ in unison. But, not everyone is lucky to be born with genes that don’t cause visceral fat deposits and quite effectively distribute the fat wherever required. So, what is it that the rest of us can do to sport an hourglass and perfect figure without sacrificing our health? Well, you will have to not just put an extra effort in taking care of your body but also make modification in your lifestyle.


You will have to perform exercises that focus well to tone your shoulder, back, bosom, waist, buttocks and thighs. Remember to warm up before beginning with your exercise routine and cool down your body after work out. Do consult a proper instructor before starting these exercises.

To get sculpted arms and shoulders
You must first begin with military press to increase muscular endurance.

  • Shoulder: Front dumbbell raises, lateral dumbbell raises, and reverse dumbbell fly
  • Upper Arm: Bicep curls, chair dip, triceps push up, and overhead extension.
  • Forearm: Wrist curl, wrist extensions and forearm twists. 

For shapely legs and thighs
Apart from leg extensions and leg lifts you should do squats and lunges. The latter will indirectly also take care of your gluts muscles (buttocks). At first you will quite struggle to do these, but with practice you can increase the repetitions. Target your glutes by doing hip thrusts.

For a well-defined waist
Besides the regular crunches and reverse crunches you should look at working on your oblique muscles i.e. ones along the side of your abdomen. You can do so with the help of dumbbells if you want to give these muscles a little more stretch. You may also go for Pilates that will take care of your core.

For a well-toned back
You can do shrugs using dumbbells (works on trapezius), cable row (works on posterior deltoid), chin-ups and pull-ups and dead lifts, which will effectively take care of your lower back.

For perfect bosom
Do chest press dumbbells, push-ups, and dumbbell fly, bench press and cable fly.

Watch your plate

Exercising is not sufficient to chisel your body. Dedicate some time into working out a proper diet to complement your workout routine. You can sit with your nutritionist and dietician to do so. Largely, you will be told the following, with variations depending upon your body type and metabolism rate.

  • You should balance your protein, fat and carbs. Eat protein-dense foods, such as – lean meat and eggs (without yolk), include whole grains, fruits and vegetables and low-fat dairy products in your diet.
  • Keep away from saturated fat, deep-fried foods, and excessive sugar, sodas, and artificial sweeteners.
  • Snub your junk food cravings because they have zero nutritive value and work their way by adding bulk of fat on your body.
  • Drink a lot of water because with a strenuous exercise session you don’t want to dehydrate yourself.
  • Eat 6 small meals a day, large breakfast, moderate lunch and light dinner with healthy snacks interspersed in between the three meals.
  • Have a handful of nuts daily for a dose of fibre.
  • If at any point you throw up or can’t keep up with the diet plan, you should talk to your dietician to make required modifications.

Wear the right kind of clothes

You must have often bumped into women who are not appropriately dressed, especially according to their body type. So, if you are heavy on the top, waist or thigh don’t wear clothes that will further draw attention to your problem areas. To downplay the troubled zones, you can wear shape-wears. Don’t forget to wear the right bra.

Be the person you are

Even if you don’t attain this perfect hourglass figure, be thankful that you are paying attention to your body. Pamper it while you can and work your way towards getting fit. It is your responsibility to understand your body type and not make it suffer by doing things that it can’t take (starving or over-eating). Love the person you are because there is no other ‘You’. And, keep away from knife tucks, your body is yours to keep!

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