Exercising for 30 minutes enough to keep you healthyKeeping ourselves fit has become increasingly important in today’s world where the fast paced lifestyle often leads to stress. A lot of people complain of not having the time to put in hours of work at the gym, but there’s some good news for them. Exercising for just 30 minutes on a daily basis, which is the time it takes to watch one TV programme boosts energy and encourages people to maintain a healthy lifestyle, says a recent study.

Interdisciplinary research at the University of Copenhagen explains why moderate exercising is more motivating than hard training. The findings have been published in Scandinavian Journal of Public Health. (Read: 10 awesome fitness workouts for the perfect you!)

The obesity epidemic has massive socio-economic consequences, and decades of health campaigns have not made significant headway, reports Science Daily.

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen are pursuing the development of a new integrative methods for preventing and treating this widespread problem.

‘Obesity is a complex social problem requiring a multidisciplinary approach. In a new scientific article we combine data from biomedical studies of the subjects’ bodies with ethnological data on their experiences during the 13-week trial period.

‘This enables us to explain the background for the surprising fact that 30 minutes of daily exercise is just as beneficial as a full hour of hard fitness training,’ says Professor Bente Stallknecht from the Department of Biomedical Sciences at University of Copenhagen.

‘The ‘lightweight’ group of exercisers appear to get more energy and be more motivated in relation to pursuing a healthy lifestyle.’

Source: IANS

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