diet plan for diabeticsDiabetes is a condition that makes it hard for your body to turn the food you eat into energy. This is because there is too much glucose (sugar) in one’s blood. Glucose comes from the food we eat and is the main source of energy for our body. It needs a hormone called insulin to enter our body’s cells where it can be used for energy. Insulin is made in the pancreas – a large gland behind the stomach. People with diabetes have problems making insulin or using it properly. It is very important for a diabetic to follow a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet in order to avoid further complications. (Read: Expert diet and exercise tips to manage diabetes)

Diabetics need to eat foods which have low glycaemic index (GI) – an indicator of how high your blood sugar levels will rise when you eat something. When they eat foods with high GI, it results in a sudden rise in their sugar levels. On the other hand, low GI foods are healthier as they are rich in vitamins, fibres, minerals, etc. They also provide energy slowly unlike high GI foods and keep one full for a longer time. This helps in losing weight and lowering the fat levels. Foods like fruits, veggies, beans, brown rice, oats, etc. are better-suited for diabetics. Below is a sample diet plan for diabetes patients by Ekta Tandon, a nutritionist at Fitness First chain of gyms. (Read: Diabetes – symptoms, causes, treatments, diagnosis, complications)




Early morning








Oat flakes +Milk

Egg sandwich(multigrain bread)/

Vegetable oats + Milk

Vegetable stuffed roti + Curd/

Besan cheela + Toast

1 bowl

2 slices

1  bowl and 1 glass

1 and ½ bowl


Mid morning



     Buttermilk/Coconut water


1 bowl

1 glass


 Chapatis/Brown rice

Vegetable +


+ Salad

1-2/1 bowl

1 bowl

1 bowl

1 bowl



Roasted chana and murmura chat /

Vegetable Idli /



1 bowl




Vegetable soup



Dal/ Chicken

Green Salad

1 bowl


1 bowl

1 bowl

1 bowl


Bed Time




1 glass

This meal plan provides around 1600-1800 calories for a day. In order to keep a track of the glycaemic index of the food items you eat, use this GI Wheel. 

Ekta Tandon is a senior nutritionist counsellor with Fitness First chain of gyms. She has over eight years of experience in consultation and planning nutritional programmes for various age groups and requirements. She holds a post graduate diploma in Dietetics and Public Health & Nutrition. She specialises in providing nutritional guidance for athletes, therapeutic diets for various diseases and has conducted workshops in schools and corporate offices. 

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    worst thing for diabetics is MILK AND ITS PRODUCTS IN ANY FORM including tea with milk. On advise of Dr. Pramod Tripathi I have reduced my sugar levels and also halfed my medicines

  • ludovic

    It’s plain to see after reading the results of a recent study, that
    diabetics should not drink diet sodas or diet anything. It can also be
    concluded diet drinks of any kind should not be consumed by people
    without Type 2 diabetes. Here’s why…

  • ludovic

    A Diabetic diet differ from people to people. There is a different meal
    plan for type 1 and type 2 diabetics. Type 1 diabetics only need to
    watch the food they take each day and pair it up with insulin. On the
    other hand people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes need to reduce
    their weight.

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    Very very useful informative article for all
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    Ashok Kumar