Update: We’re extremely sorry to inform you that the victim passed away at 4:45 AM in Singapore. 

It’s common knowledge that the Delhi rape survivor had been moved to Singapore for further treatment but was it advisable? Many had claimed that such an arduous journey could be detrimental to her health but the government seemed hell-bent on sending her abroad for ‘better treatment’. Experts who were contacted by government claim they were only asked whether the victim could be air-lifted and none of them enquired about the treatment facilities in Singapore.

‘I just can’t understand why a critically ill patient with infection in blood and body, high grade fever and on the ventilator is being transferred,’ said Dr Samiran Nundy, chairman of the organ transplant and gastro-surgery department of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. ‘It will take weeks in this case to even look into the possibility of an intestinal transplant so why hurry and take the patient out from a facility which works so well. It seems more of a political move.’

The final decision came when she suffered from cardiac arrhythmia – a shocking drop in her heart rate which led docs at Safdarjung to call in experts.  Apparently the decision to move her came right from the top and even the Prime Minster was consulted.

But was it necessary?

For starters intestinal transplant right now is out of the question. And even if it was, Singapore is not well-known for its transplant centres. All major hubs of research in this field are located in either the USA or UK.

Was it a political decision?

Along with the Delhi constable’s death and the alleged interference in the victim’s official statement there are some other unexplained occurrences in this case which belies common sense. Some insiders who wish to remain anonymous because of the sensitive nature of this case claim that the decision to move her could be a purely political one. ‘I think the government wanted to show that they are doing their best. It was a move to divert attention and get her out of the country. There was no reason to move her at this time, when her condition was so bad. She could also have been moved to one of the better medical facilities in Delhi instead of making her undergo an arduous long journey like this,’ claims an expert.

Why wasn’t she taken to AIIMS?

Another major question mark is why she wasn’t taken to AIIMS which is right opposite Safdarjung hospital. AIIMS is without doubt the top medical institution in this country. Why wasn’t she taken there in the first place? Also after the first few days she could have been moved to a better hospital like Sir Gangaram or Medicity. Why wasn’t she? Safdurjung is without a doubt a good facility but is it better than AIIMS?’

Can she get better?
When asked what the chances of the young lady getting better were, most experts weren’t overtly optimistic. Despite her superlative courage, her condition is bound to get worse because of septicaemia. Sepsis will damage her vital organs like the heart, brain and liver and will ultimately result in multiple organ failure. Intestinal transplant out of the question right now and is only suggested when a patient suffers complications from total parenteral nutrition (TPN). Even if she does survive and is given the procedure, the future is bleak. The first patient who received the intestinal transplant passed away within 42 days because the immunosuppressant drugs given to keep the body from rejecting the organ is too strong and can completely subjugate the immune system.   

Whoever took these medical decisions surely has some uncomfortable questions to answer. 


  • vaseem

    I can predict things, the innocent is dead now, and govt is still thinking what to do with these bastards, few more days the matter will be hot and happening later on every one forgets, coz we don have time to celebrate christmas, new year, only solution is they should be hanged and become example for others not to think of doing this criminal act again, in India people always say women is most respected here which only sounds good in books and movies not in reality we all know nothing is going to hpn with our country, first time in my life felt ashamed of being indian when my co workers laughed on me, now stop comparing which hospital is good pray for her..

    • SGJacob

      Indians need to stand up for- world class respect for women, and world class medical care- among other things. Unless you fight for your rights, you’ll never win it…

  • SGJacob

    After reviewing the timeline of the young lady’s course in the hospital, it seems that she deteriorated after the first few days. I think, rather than be defensive, the medical council in Delhi should review the care given to her in the hospital. To me it seems as if thd physicians were reacting to complications,rather than anticipating them. For example, she had a cardiac arrest in the hospital, and did not have a radial arterial line till later to monitor her blood pressure. If there is no standard of care for trauma, sepsis in the country- how can you achieve appropriate care for the sick equal to current world norms? Indian medical institutions seem to be islands languishing in non evidence based care. I would encourage the development of standard care care policies in every field of medicine across the country. There is a core responsibility of physicians to teach and impart knowledge for the benefit of the sick rather than jealously guarding one’s own knowledge. The next time, please don’t transport a septic multiorgan injury patient without adequate monitoring devices…. Our hearts in the North American continent grieve with you, for every woman who is treated disrespectfully in India, and the world!

  • KLRao

    AIIMS would have been ideal medical facility,where she should have been shifted to easily! Airlifting her to Singapore at this stage is not appropriate.

  • life secondary, politics primary

    if the prognosis was not good then the politicians probably thought the victim may not survive
    would be worse for the politicians if something untoward happened to victim in india given the outrage
    the victim has some serious beastly injuries which some controlled media is not reporting fully and faithfully

  • The Truth

    ……because she was more likely to catch other infections in an Indian hospital than being cured……the best hospital in India is a relative statement.

    • Truth hurts

      Is Truth suggesting that the government is altruistic?!

      • muskan

        yes, i know but if uk or usa has its specialaty they should send her there . the government dhould take strict actions against the culprits

      • muskan

        yes , you know that one day i was watching the news after this rape case . the person said we are trying to make the India modern . i was thinking that modern every day with girls or women rape cases will make it modern . what jurk you know they are so . yar girls are harresd it would make it modern . they dont know how it fells when something wrong passes you away . WE ARE NOT SAFE HERE . they shoul be HANGED TO DEATH