ajwainSinusitis can be extremely painful and troublesome, and there are few medicines that help provide instant relief. If you are suffering from inflamed sinuses that seem to hurt all the time here is a quick, natural and healthy alternative –  ajwain or carom seeds. (Read: Self-care during an attack of sinusitis)

Ajwain is a popular spice used commonly in Indian cooking, but the tiny brown seed has many more benefits than just adding flavour. Packed with essential oils, this seed is a powerful anti inflammatory, antiseptic, anti fungal and expectorant.

In the case of sinusitis, the essential oils in ajwain when inhaled help heal the inflamed mucosal lining of the sinuses, loosens the mucous filled in these spaces helping it drain easily, helps reduce the effect of infections present and effectively decreases the pain and discomfort. (Read: Sinusitis: What are the various types and symptoms?)

How to use ajwain:

Take two to three tablespoons of ajwain and add them to a hot pan. Now, dry roast the ajwain seeds till they are brown and you can smell their odour. Take a soft cotton hanky or cloth and place the seeds in it. Bundle the cloth and apply this to your sinuses. Make sure to allow the seeds to cool to a bearable temperature before you apply them to your face (cool them in the potli form itself. Do not place it open under the fan as its essential oils are highly volatile, and will evaporate). Keep applying the warm sack of ajawin to the painful areas till the heat dissipates. Remember to tilt your head slightly upwards and backwards to allow for the draining of the fluid from the sinuses into your throat. Now cover your forehead with a cloth to avoid re-infection due to sudden temperature change. Continue doing this till the time you have relief from pain. (Read: Diagnosis and treatment of sinusitis)

Disclaimer: This is only a home remedy, and should not be mistaken for medical advice. Please consult your doctor if the symptoms persist.

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  • Vijit Jain

    Interesting article! Will try it out next time I have a sinus attack. Thanks :)