Readers SpeakRecently the Maharashtra government passed a motion that’ll allow ayurvedic, unani and homeopathy doctors to practice allopathy. For that they’d have to pass a one-year course. We from Health felt it was a preposterous suggestion and the major medical bodies like the IMA and the Maharashtra Medical Council took a stand against the decision. Here’s what our readers thought:

Raj made an interesting point and said “If convicted criminals can become a member of parliament (28%), if a ward boy can stitch the wounds of a patient, if anyone can drive a vehicle without a license, then what’s the big deal here? India does not need allopathy practitioners anymore. We have enough ‘babas’ that can cure even AIDs with their yogic asanas. What harm could a few unani, homeopathy, ayurvedic practitioners do? Doesn’t your friendly neighbourhood chemist already prescribe drugs himself?”

 Duart Maclean felt that the Indian government was denying ayurvedic physicians from practicing that which is native to their country. He said “The leadership of India has degenerated into a bunch of euro-centric lapdogs. It is pathetic that such a discussion as to whether ayurveda should or should not be allowed to practice is even occurring”. Our reader Raj promptly took the time to correct him and informed him of the issue at hand “This policy is about turning all ayurvedic doctors into euro-centric lap-dogs”.


The rage against the move was palpable in the comment by Jayakumar, who asked why the government did not allow veterinary doctors and zoologists to practice on humans as well? He claimed “They are closer to modern medicine than these quacks”.  

Even a homeopathic doctor Dr S.R.Bhagi, said “It is a bad idea and the systems of medicine in preparation and application and even in detection of disease are basically different. This will just be a way for people to make money.”

Parth Jadhav, who belongs to a village where the medical facilities are dismal, says in his village that has a population of 1 lakh, there is not even one specialist available. When these doctors who practice homeopathy, unani and ayurveda are ready to practice in villages why not use their resource? They are cheaper and ready to provide services that would otherwise be unavailable.

V.Kumar seconded the notion by saying “It is sheer professional rivalry and insecurity on the part of some doctors who are opposing this intelligent move of Maharashtra Govt. This action will provide the vast majority of Indian population in rural as well as urban areas the medical facilities.” He opines that the Indian population is in dire need of improved medical facilities. When the government is trying to do something about it, it is just professional rivalry that is getting in the way.

In response to V.Kumar’s glowing recommendation about our country’s government Prakash felt that it was a move by politicians who own ayurvedic and homeopathy colleges to improve their student intake. As for the unani discipline, they did not want to upset their Muslim counterparts and therefore have included them in this pool.

Other than this a large chunk of the readers felt that this move will better healthcare services in rural areas. Docs from the allied line felt that the Central Council of Indian Medicine coursework they follow is very similar to the MBBS one and a one-year course is enough to bring them up to speed. Amidst all this chaos Dr Shiva enquired whether he can do the one year course and practice but he hailed from Tamil Nadu which is outside the Maha government’s jurisdiction! 

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    bams/bhms are nothing but cockroaches of health sector of india….i really dnt understand y govt doesnt use baygon on dese peoples……just a shame for our country in the name pf doctors dese ppls are ruining d medical practice

    • akaanksha