patient rightsThe fourth episode of Satyamev Jayate brought to light several cases of medical malpractice. Most patients in India treat their doctors like Gods and have an unquestioning trust in them. However, in recent times, there have been cases of medical negligence and/or malpractice due to which the patients have suffered physically, mentally, financially and emotionally.

In 1995, the Supreme Court brought the medical profession under the Consumer protection act and medical treatments were labelled ‘services’.

As per the Consumer Guidance Society of India, the patient’s rights as a consumer are the following:

1. Patients have the right to be told about their illness; to have their medical records explained.

2. Patients should be explained about whatever treatment/medicines are prescribed to them. They should be made aware of the risks and side effects, if any. They have the right to ask questions and clarify their doubts about the treatment.

3. Patients have the right to know a doctor’s qualifications.

4. Patients have the right to be handled with consideration and due regard for their modesty when being physically examined by the doctor.

5. Patients have the right to maintain confidentiality regarding their illness and can expect the same from the doctors.

6. Patients have the right to a second opinion if they are doubtful about the medicines or treatment suggested.

7. Patients have the right to know what a suggested operation/surgery is for and the possible risks involved. If he/she is unconscious or unable to make the decision due to other reasons, informed consent needs to be taken from their nearest relatives.

8. Patients have the right to get their medical records/case papers on request from the doctor/hospital.

9. If the patient needs to be moved to another hospital, he/she has the right to know the reason for it and also has the right to make their own choice in consultation with the doctor.

10. Patients have the right to get details of the bills they have paid for.

We’ve covered the rights. But what’s equally important is patients understand their responsibilities as well:

1. The patient should undergo the treatment as prescribed by the doctor faithfully and follow his/her instructions diligently.

2. If the doctor has prescribed certain preventive measures in case of infections, the patient should follow the same.

3. The patients need to be punctual for the treatments and follow-ups.

4. Patients should maintain all the medical records and prescriptions.

5. If the patient wants to take a second opinion, consult with your doctor about the same.

6. Patients should pay for their treatment as applicable to the doctors and hospitals promptly.

  • Kakali Bagchi

    The Consumer Guide,
    Sub:Pls. help!!!!
    Pls. find below my history of complications and Dr.Sukalyan Purakayastha’s of INK,Kolkata’s statement.
    On 21st Nov’12.I had my embolisation,but from 22ndDec’12,I started profusely bleeding and had tremendous pain and still now ,I’m having pain,I have to take 3 Combiflames a day,after 12 days change it Paracetamol 1gm 3 tabs /day.
    I had to stop bleeding 2Pause500 & 2Regesterone 3times/day for 7 days then Regesterone and Pause’s dose has been reduced to 1 Regesterone/day from Jan 22nd.

    Presently I’m having shredding off of Myoma,now the size is 4.8cm X 5.3cm only(previously it was 6.5cmX6 cm )

    But I’m having tremendous unbearable pain which is uncrottolable by medicine.
    So Dr .Piya Roy ,Gynae is suggesting me for Hysteractomy for permanent solution.
    Here the question comes:
    I’ve already exhausted my mediclaim card,so I won’t be reimbursed.
    Dr. Purakayastha never told me of such a vigorous after effect.
    Presently I have joined a new company,so I will be loosing my job and bearing so much of pain(equal to labour pain) without ant fault of mine.

    Pls. whom should I go?
    I hve already spent 1 lakhs of Rs. who will compensate my vigorous painful state ,my money and my new job.

    Kakali Bagchi
    Dear Dr,
    In reference to above mentioned information I got to know about Uterine Fibroid Embolization
    I’m Kakali Bagchi,42 yrs. old,I hv a 16yrs.old daughter of normal delivery,6/2/96.

    For 6 months I’m facing heavy period uncontrollable by napkins.

    Under observation with Dr,I hv done with USG-Pelvis it shows:
    1.Uterous bulky & measures LS 12.9 cm,TS 9.6 cm,AP 8 cm
    Myoma present sized 6.5cm X 6cm
    Ovaries normal (RO 2.7 cm X 1.3 cm X 1.5cn
    Dr.prescribed me with Iron tablets & Pause MF ,which in previous period worked-this time failed.
    Another hormone medicine -Regesterone is prescribed,but it is for 1-2 tablets for 20 days-but
    whether Regesterone has to be taken for the next period of Menstruation and in continuous-is it safe?

    if Myoma is operational without surgery?

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    Date: Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 7:31 PM
    Subject: Re: Fwd: myomactomy /hysteractomy
    To: Kakali

    Thanks for your mail. Your case suits for embolization. Come to INK on monday for admission. Bleeding wl stop immediately. Side effect is pain and fever for few day controllable by medicine. Approx cost is 75000/- with 3 days of stay. Your insurance wl cover. No need of any medication after that. I am doing this procedure for last 12 years. Dr Purkayastha.
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