cancer holistic treatmentAccording to allopathy, there might be no cure for cancers, but when it comes to holistic therapies, the cure lies within. This post focuses on the holistic therapies that claim that they can cure the dreaded disease. 

Nature Cure
The Government Nature Cure Hospital in Kerala is situated on the lap of nature, atop a cliff that slopes down to the breathtaking Varkala beach. Explains Dr K R Jayakumar, physician in-charge, ‘Cancer is a degenerative disease. Accumulation of toxins through carcinogenic food like fast food, colas, habits like smoking, drinking, paan chewing, stressful lifestyle, toxic medicines and environmental pollution, lowers immunity, causing cancer.’ Naturopathy considers cancer as a systemic disease. Cancer can develop if lesser diseases are suppressed through chemical medicines. Dr Jayakumar says, ‘The human body has the healing power within itself to cure all diseases if congenial conditions are created.’ Naturopathy heals through harmony with nature to attain equilibrium at physical, mental, moral and spiritual levels.

Diet is crucial in naturopathy. Treatment duration depends on the disease condition. Initially, hospitalisation is required. After discharge, the prescribed diet and lifestyle patterns must be maintained for life. Dr Jayakumar advises cancer patients, ‘If you have any bad habits, quit those with immediate effect, and try to lead a simple sattvic life.’

Dr Jayakumar has treated several breast cancer cases. College lecturer Asa Babu came after breast removal and chemotherapy. During the difficult chemotherapy, she drank juices of tender coconut, vegetables and amla regularly. Within three weeks, her reduced blood count increased. ‘After three months I was admitted for three weeks at the naturopathy hospital. I had hip bath, spinal bath, mud therapy, yoga and meditation for purification. I fasted for four days by drinking water only. Later, I ate vegetables and no cereals. My weight reduced by seven kilos. My chronic pain and bulge in the lumbar disc disappeared. After one year, I repeated naturopathic treatment for 10 days. I still do yoga and meditation. I developed mental power and confidence. I am now free from all cancer treatment and medicines,’ she describes. Her cancer has not recurred.

Another breast cancer patient who had surgery has managed without allopathic treatment for the last six years through naturopathy. Dr Jayakumar’s colleague’s father had cancer of the small intestine. Since 25 years, he has survived without medicines, through naturopathy.

The All India Nature Cure Federation, New Delhi, headed by Dr Brij Bhushan Goel provides free cancer consultation. Mrs Dugar, 39, had colo-rectal cancer. She avoided surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. For five years, she has led a normal life with Dr Goel’s naturopathic treatment and some Ayurvedic medicines.

German naturopath, Dr Max Gerson, created Gerson therapy, which prescribes fresh organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains along with 13 glasses of fresh fruit juice daily. Coffee or chamomile enemas are used regularly for detoxification.

Homoeopathy Offers Hope
In homoeopathic theory, miasms sycosis, syphilis and psora are responsible for chronic diseases. Miasm imbalance is triggered by harmful lifestyle.

Kerala-based homoeo-path, Dr Girisanker, feels that it is best to prevent cancer by way of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Research shows that smoking (30 per cent) and improper diet (30 per cent) cause maximum cancer cases. One should avoid smoking, liquor, fried and processed foods, maida, vanaspati, dairy products and non-vegetarian food.

‘There are rays of hope for cancer therapy in homoeopathy. In homoeopathic cancer treatment, a patient’s mental characteristics like desire, aversion, attitude, behaviour, physical conditions and food habits are all taken into account within the context of a genetic and constitutional approach to enhance bodily immunity to heal the disease. The focus is not on disease, but on the patient as a whole. Homoeopathy cures cancer the holistic way through restoring the vital force. It is safe, simple and inexpensive,’ Dr Girisanker explains.

Homoeopathy has three treatment modes: medicinal treatment, managemental treatment, and palliative treatment for acute cases. Homoeopathy can reduce the damages caused by chemotherapy and radiation. Dr Girisanker asserts that patients who try homoeopathy without allopathic treatment can be completely cured. Homoeopathic medicines will prevent recurrence. The fully developed vital force will heal cancer by stimulating the suppressor genes that weaken the cancer-causing oncogenes. A healthy lifestyle must be maintained life-long.

Dr Girisanker is treating Sofiya Beevi, 58, who had intestinal cancer. She tried only homoeopathy. She is now 95 per cent cured, and has avoided surgery. She could be substantially cured since she did not undergo toxic modern methods.

US National Institute of Health (NIH) and Cancer Advisory Panel for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAPCAM) have recognised the homoeopathic treatment protocol of Kolkata-based Dr Prasanta Banerji and his son Pradip. They cured 70 per cent of brain tumour cases treated. Using basic medicine formulae like cali carbonium and ruta graviolins used in common cold, they created successful protocols for brain tumours. They also treat lung, liver and breast cancers. ‘My medicines can’t kill you. Theirs can,’ Dr Pradip Banerji once told a medical website.

Siddha Medicine
Siddha is the world’s oldest medical system mainly practised in South India. Medicines include herbal, metal and mineral preparations. According to Dr Stanley Jones, the seniormost medical officer in Kerala, working in the Government Siddha Hospital, siddha classifies cancer into 24 types according to the area affected. Primarily, it is caused due to the derangement of pitta and kapha. Unlimited increase in pitta and kapha imbalances vata too, leading to cancer.

Major Cancer Causes
Food: Eating food with excess of pungent and bitter tastes; contaminated food; eating incompatible non-vegetarian food; food containing hair, bones, mud, soil, stones, thorns.

Lifestyle: Tobacco chewing, smoking; suppression of 14 natural urges like yawning, sneezing, cough, etc.

Cancer occurring as secondary to the following diseases: Cirrhosis of liver; chronic peptic ulcer; constant irritation due to piles and fistula; trauma; cyst or abscess; ill-treated diseases in genital organs can cause cancer.

‘There are many effective internal and external medicines, as well as various treatments based on ancient methods available in Siddha, which are free from side-effects. That is why Siddha cancer treatment is superior to conventional methods,’ says Dr Jones.

Dr Jones recalls one of his successful cases of cancer cure. Mrs Sundarameena, 43, from Tamil Nadu, had malignant uterine cancer. Foul odour ceased by the fourth day of Siddha treatment. Bleeding fully stopped by the second week. By the second month, 65 per cent of the growth was reduced. All symptoms and difficulties stopped and complete cure was attained by the fourth month. Now Mrs Sundarameena leads a cancerfree life.

Leukemia in young patients is curable with Siddha at the initial stages. Medication builds up bone marrow tissues and normalises haemoglobin. Siddha is successful for brain tumours too.

Ramneek Wig’s Win Over Cancer
Delhi-based Ramneek Wig, author of Win Over Cancer, underlines the importance of positivity, faith, hope and self-belief in cancer healing. In 1998, he had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He underwent chemotherapy, but had a relapse. He got a bone marrow transplant from the US in 2000. Fearing he would not survive another recurrence and allopathic treatment, he tried holistic smethods.

He took yoga classes in South Delhi. He did shavasana and pranayama, including deep abdominal breathing, yogic breath, anuloma-viloma, and kapalabhati.

‘Positive attitude is the key to victory. The words ‘I believe in victory’ gave me immense strength and courage. I did not entertain negative thoughts. I was full of hope and enthusiasm. I constantly reminded myself that with God’s help, I would ‘win over cancer,’’ Wig says.

Currently, he is perfectly healthy. His message to cancer patients: ‘Never lose hope whatsoever the odds might be. Never sympathise with yourself. Stop cribbing about your problems. Face them boldly, with strength and courage. With faith in God and in yourself, you will emerge as a winner.Yoga and breathing exercises will give you inner joy and peace.’

His book, Win over Cancer, details the positive thinking techniques, holistic methods and yoga techniques he applied to overcome cancer. He conducts counselling and self-help workshops.

Sino-Vedic Cancer Clinic
Dr S P Kaushal established the Sino-Vedic Research Centre, New Delhi, to treat cancer through Indian and Chinese herbal medicines. He has identified about 450 anti-cancer herbs. Aloe vera, hoxsey and essiac are well-known herbs. His books, Fight Cancer With Herbs, and Cancer and Herbs, have gained worldwide acclaim. According to him, carcinogenic and nutritionally deficient diet, chronic stress and radiation from technological devices, are major cancer causes.

Chinese doctors use Fu Zen therapy to treat cancer. A Fu Zen formulation that contains six herbs strengthens the immune system to defend against cancer. The Chinese have used Panax Ginseng for 2000 years, which inhibits cancerous growth by inhibiting DNA synthesis.

A team of doctors led by Dr Kaushal has been exploring and developing herbal medicines to treat cancer since 1985. Herbal formulations prepared in his centre boost immunity by producing bodily biochemical agents that fight cancer. These herbs destroy the cancer cells without harming normal cells.

Spirituality and Cancer
There have been many instances of cancer being cured through spiritual healing and prayer. Modern medicine usually dismisses these cures as ‘spontaneous remission,’ a term used to denote healing unexplainable by modern scientific dogma.

Cynthia Sue Larson, aura healer and member of the Intuition Network that promotes intuitive and spiritual resources, witnessed her grandmother’s terminal liver cancer being cured by prayer. Larson writes, ‘While her own prayers were simply for courage, other people (myself included) were praying for her return to good health. Within a few months, my grandmother’s doctors were astonished to find that her cancer was stabilising. Several months after that, they were completely at a loss to explain why they could no longer find any trace of cancer in her body!’

Some studies show that cancer is linked to a personality style that lives up to the standards of others or social opinion, instead of being true to one’s innermost authentic Divine Self. Developing a spiritual purpose in life helps to manifest a protective effect by drawing divine healing energies through sacred communion with the living earth, the universe and the omnipresent Spirit.

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Go Holistic
Allopathic doctors doubt the evidence of holistic therapies curing cancer. But holistic therapists point out that due to little awareness about natural therapies, many cancer patients consult them at acute stages after toxic conventional treatments. Such patients can mostly be provided palliative care to reduce the adverse effects rather than cure because the severe toxicity makes it difficult to restore immunity completely. It is best to have holistic alternative treatment alone to effect cure according to most alternative therapists. However, those who start holistic treatment at the earliest have great chances of cancer cure and survival even after initial conventional treatment.Cancer does not mean a death sentence. As NASA scientist turned energy healer, Dr Barbara Brennan, rightly remarked, ‘You are the master of your life. You can do much more than you thought you could, including cure yourself of a ‘terminal illness’.

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    I wish if alternative treatment really works for all sort of cancer.I respect conventional treatment too but at the same time even they’re doing a business (big Pharma companies).Conventional treatment though cures very few type of cancers but the side effects and sufferings will have to take by patients for little longer which they(conventional treatment) never want to highlight and then eventually the patient die might be after living a painful life with the side effects and severe pain for another 1-2 years.I dont think much improvement has been made when it comes to drugs or medicines given to cancer patients since 1976.Only improvement is with the tests,scans,PET scans,devices or machines used to diagnose and researches made for diagnosing the the type of cancers.People say that survivor rate has increase, but dont you think its because now cancer is found in many many young healthy men and woman and only they can tolerate to chemo and that is why the survival rate has increased which the conventional treatments are claiming.But still these healthy young men and women live with side effects and pain (and yes, very few will be just fine without much side effect or pain).We can really know what these drugs are going to do to them in the next few years (when we observe their case closely).Now it is too early to say how it will react in their body , Good or Bad?But also the truth is alternate treatment are not showing or not able to show/prove the clear evidence of the cancer free patients they’re claiming treated. Or not sure is it because of the Big pharma companies, these alternative treatments are never allowed to come up or allowed to prove it or grow.But I also believe definitely some of the alternate treatments can cure cancer.Our very old ancestors only dependent on these alternative treatment for years and that is why we all are hear today. (also yes, another factors are our lifestyle and the pollutions, since our world is now more crowded).But wished,if these people can leave a side their ‘ego’ ,’selfishness’, greediness and then work together we can find a cure for this deadly disease with much much less side effects and pain…

  • SaveWorld

    I wish if alternative treatment really works for all sort of cancer.I respect conventional treatment too but at the same time even they’re doing a business (big Pharma companies).Conventional treatment though though cures few type of cancer for few more years but the side effects and sufferings will have to take by patients for little longer(which they never want to highlight) and then die.But also the truth is alternate treatment are not showing or not able to show the clear evidence of the cancer free patients they’re claming. Or not sure is it because of the Big pharma companies, these alternative treatments are never allowed to come up or allowed to prove it or grow.But I also believe definitely some of the alternate treatments can cure cancer.Our very old ancestors only dependent on these alternative treatment for years (also yes, another factor is lifestyle and the pollutions since our world is now crowded)and that is why we all are hear today. But wished,if these people can leave a side their ‘ego’ ,’selfishness’, greediness and then work together we can find a cure for this deadly disease with much much less side effects and pain…

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