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Not all cough is same – the cough following an infection of the respiratory tract is quite different from that seen in allergies. And the kind of treatment differs according to the kind of cough it is. According to experts, treating the cause of the cough is the most important way to put an end to the cough and prevent the complications it can lead to. However, when one needs to carry on with their busy life while sick, OTC formulations can help provide symptomatic relief. When there is little or no phlegm that accompanies a cough, it is termed non-productive or dry. It is usually seen in the case of allergies, those exposed to smoke or other irritants, or those with mild sinusitis and viral infections of the upper respiratory tract.

A solution for dry cough requires suppression of the cough centre in the brain and a soothing action for the irritated throat. An ideal solution should be non-drowsy and should not cause loss of productive hours, whether at home or at the workplace. Benadryl® DR, a new variant for dry cough was launched by Benadryl®, India’s No. 1 over-the-counter cough syrup brand just does that. Benadryl® DR Dry Cough Active Relief has the active ingredient ‘Dextromethorphan hydrobromide’ in a sugar-free, alcohol-free mentholated base which helps to relieve dry cough and soothes a dry, irritated throat. This new formulation exclusively targets dry cough without causing unwanted drowsiness. 

When you suffer cough in which there is an expulsion of phlegm (the thick, mucous-like secretion that is generated in the respiratory tract), it is called a productive or wet cough. In these cases, OTC formulations meant for productive cough can help relieve symptoms of congestion and resultant cough. OTC formulations like Benadryl CR for Congestion Relief help thin loosen & expel or expectorate the phlegm, thus relieving symptoms and letting us get on with our lives.

Speaking on the launch of the new Benadryl® variant, Tushar Murdeshwar, Vice President – Marketing, Consumer Division, Johnson & Johnson Ltd.,said, ‘Benadryl® has always been at the forefront of innovation and it remains our endeavour to provide tailor-made solutions to address all symptoms in the cough category. After the launch of the Benadryl® CR Congestion Relief variant last year, we have launched Benadryl® DR Dry Cough Active Relief as we felt the need to address the lack of awareness about specialist solutions for different types of cough. As a cough expert, it is our endeavour to constantly provide appropriate solutions to those suffering from any kind of cough.’



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    I have sufrring from cough last 15 days many mor medicine I take like Benadryl green or ornge lustesd many syrup

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