Does the untimely burst of pimples leave you feeling embarrassed? Are you tired of squeezing out the blackheads or irritated with dry skin? Such problems keep troubling girls, time and again. But instead of going for natural ingredients to find a solution, many prefer to go for cosmetic resolutions. Neem is a natural herb that has many beauty benefits that often go unnoticed. So all you girls, especially brides-to-be, read on as we tell you about the beauty benefits of neem, which are certainly going to surprise you.

Treating Skin Infections

Boil a few neem leaves till the time they turn soft. You will notice the water turning green because of the discolouration of the leaves. Strain this water and add some of it in your bath water. Regularly taking bath with this water will help in keeping skin infections under check. Neem leaves have antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties and hence they are quite effective on skin infections. It also soothes irritation and reduces inflammation without drying the skin.

Addressing Acne Problems

The most favourite home remedy that has been passed on from one generation to another is about using neem to treat acne. To effectively put this to use, first boil a few neem leaves in water (as explained before) and dab a cotton ball in that water and then apply it evenly on your face. You can also use a neem-cucumber face pack or neem-yoghurt face pack to keep a check on excessive oil secretion by sebaceous gland.

Used as Skin Toner

When used regularly, neem works as an excellent agent to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. Use the strained neem water to fight the signs of age spots or aging. It works effectively on skin pigmentation as well. Strained neem water will help in lightening the acne scars and lesions caused due to skin conditions. Alternately, you can prepare a neem-rose face pack for a smoother complexion, free from grease and oil. After it dries off, make sure you wash it off with rose water.

Remedy for Dry Skin

A neem pack is quite effective in taking care of an excessively dry skin. Take some neem powder and add a few drops of grape seed oil in it. Apply this evenly on your face and leave it on for a couple of minutes before you rinse it off with cold water.

Cure for Skin Pores

Neem provides an effective remedy in tackling problems such as blackheads, whiteheads and large pores. To combat these problems, you will need to prepare a mixture of neem leaves and orange peels. Pound the two to make a pulp and add a few drops of honey, soy milk and yoghurt to it. It is recommended that you apply this face pack at least thrice a week to notice results. If you only have blackheads, apply some neem oil on the affected area.

Takes care of Hair Troubles

The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of neem come in handy while treating scalp conditions.

  • Neem oil helps in hair growth. Massage neem oil on your hair roots without breaking your hair strands. This will take care of your hair thinning problems as well.
  • For dandruff control, apply a mixture of neem powder and water on your scalp and leave it for an hour before you shampoo your hair.

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  • Tracy

    I am using the neem leaves juice on my skin now and i decided to look up the benefit of neem for your skin and what I read here only confirm what I am noticing , thanks,

  • amna

    i have skin problem since one year after pimples my face have blamish what can i do tell me

    • padma

      take safi thrice a day
      take some nneem leaves and soak them in water for sometime. grind them well. apply the paste or just the juice regularly .it clears without leaving any mark

  • anuradha

    Safi taken regularly cures all skin problem

  • Honey sharma


  • khushi saha

    There are some pinpils in my becoms black spot .for this black spot i used ” CLINGARD ,anti-acne gel” but for this skin becoms dry and my skin becvome so tight.then i stop this medicine and now i use NMF e lotion and NMF E SOAP.AND MY face is stil dry like a toad what cane i do?

    • hemalatha

      apply milk over your skin it makes your skin so soft

  • chaitali K

    I have skin problems since last 4 years.I have small pimples on my face.face gets redish also.i must do wax of my face.plz.suggest any affordable or homemade medicine or cream for glowing,pimple free,oil free and smooth, fair skin.there are much hair on my face.plz.tell me some tricks for getting less hair on my face.

  • kavitha

    say 15 health benefits