chandanChandan or sandalwood powder is a wonderful remedy that can treat skin problems, has an amazing fragrance, is used for medicinal purposes and also provides a soothing effect in summers. Chandan powder is available easily in Indian stores and you can make use of this to create homemade packs to get glowing skin. You may also find natural chandan in the form of a stick and stone which you can rub together to make a natural paste of it. Here are a few face packs that you can make at home and see your beauty woes vanish.

Chandan and turmeric face pack

Simply mix chandan, turmeric or haldi with some water and mix it to make a thick paste. Apply this on your face and neck it till completely dries up and then wash it with water and pat dry your skin. This pack not only has a soothing effect on your skin but also helps in getting rid of pimples. It is best-suited for oily skin.

Chandan and milk face pack

If glowing skin is what you are looking for, apply a mixture of chandan and raw milk on your face and leave it for 20 minutes. Now wash it off with water. It will add a glow, tone your skin and also moisturise it. If you suffer from dry skin, this is an excellent pack for you.

Chandan and almond face pack

Get clear looking skin by mixing chandan with finely powdered almonds (badam) and adding raw milk to the mixture. This pack can be applied daily on the face, arms and legs.

Chandan face mask

Make a face mask at home using natural ingredients to make your skin smooth and flawless. Mix together in a bowl – rose oil, chandan, turmeric, malai, honey and besan. Apply it on your face and neck and leave it to dry. Peel it off and wash your face after some time. This will make your skin soft and remove impurities from it. But do not use this pack more than once in a week.

Chandan face scrub

Make a chandan face scrub to get rid of dead skin cells and other impurities like dirt, oil which are hard to get rid of with face packs. Mix chandan with rice powder (chawal ka aata), besan, milk and rose water. Remember, not to add too much milk or water as scrubs are thick in consistency. Apply this once in two weeks for the desired results.

Apart from these face packs, you can also use chandan paste for other purposes like relieving stress and cooling down your body. Apply this paste on your forehead and enjoy its calming effects. You can also apply it on other areas to cool down if you feel too hot.

Another good way to use chandan is to make your own natural perfume with it. You can use rose water instead of plain water for added fragrance and mix it with finely powdered sandalwood.

There are various sandalwood soaps and lotions available in the market these days. You can buy them if you can’t find time to make these packs. But remember, using natural chandan powder is always better!

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