baby vaccinationWe opted for painless DTaP (Diphtheria, Pertussis, tetanus) vaccination namely Pentaxim for our daughter. On the same day  the doctor also injected PCV or pneumococal conjugate vaccine to the baby. Both the injections were injected on either thighs of our daughter. After that we went home, we discovered that she was suffering from high grade fever which kept fluctuating between 101-103 degree F. Is fever after vaccination normal or does it indicate a problem? 

Under normal circumstances fever after a vaccination shot is common and should not be a cause of concern. Remember that fever helps the body’s immune system to fight infections. Fever after a dose of vaccination can persists for three days before going away. 

If you baby has  fever you can help her by:

  • Giving her enough rest and reducing her playing time
  • Keep her indoors and avoiding contact with guests; also don’t take her out for long
  • Dress her up in  light clothes
  • Keep her hydrated with enough liquids like water, fruit juices and obliged demand feeding — breastfeeding or the bottle. Also read 10 reasons why breastfeeding is better than formula.

If you notice that the fever is bothering your baby, making her irritable and restless then record the temperature to be sure before you start any treatment. The normal temperature in a healthy child can range from 96 degree F to 100.8 degree F. If your daughter’s temperature records anything beyond 101.3 degree F, you can offer her paracetamol or ibuprofen drops especially formulated for babies, though it is best to consult your doctor once before you do that. Your doctor might have also suggested medications to treat fever after vaccinations. Never administer medication beyond the recommended dosage. 

You should only worry about fever after vaccination if you notice:

  • Extreme tiredness in your baby, which makes her sheepish all the time
  • She has pain in the stomach, ears or limbs
  • She has problems while swallowing fluids
  • Vomiting or diarrhea along with high fever
  • The fever lasts beyond three days and is just getting worse 

Else you can be rest assured that the fever will not harm your baby in any other way.

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