How JK Rowling and Harry Potter made the world a better place to live in

How JK Rowling and Harry Potter made the world a better place to live in

Happy Birthday JK Rowling — 5 reasons she inspires us

Happy Birthday JK Rowling — 5 reasons she inspires us

Revealed — how many portions of fruits and veggies you need to eat to stay alive

Revealed — how many portions of fruits and veggies you need to eat to stay alive

5 foods that may increase your cholesterol level

5 foods that may increase your cholesterol level

How to diagnose high blood pressure? (Disease Query)

How to diagnose high blood pressure? (Disease Query)


5 natural sources of vitamin K

Vitamin K can be obtained from a wide range of natural food sources like fruits, meat and vegetables.

Home remedies

Beauty Tip #27: Lighten stretch marks with vitamin E oil
Say goodbye to pesky white lines with this home remedy.

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7 amazing facts you didn’t know about your dreams

Are you wondering what your dreams actually indicate? This information will clear all your doubts

Desi Wisdom

Parivrtta-Baddha-Parsvakonasana — why you need to try out this yoga pose
Also known as the revolved side angle pose, parivrtta baddha parsvakonasna is commonly prescribed to people with constipation, infertility, lower …

Weight loss

Weight Loss Tip #45: Pack your gym bag the night before
Find yourself contemplating every morning, whether to work out or not? Don't let lethargy get in the way of your goal to shed weight.

Find the best doctor for your problem.

Natural is Best

Top 9 health benefits of amla or Indian gooseberry
Find out how the humble amla or gooseberry can keep you healthy!

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Five new workout regimes which will blow your mind!

Aqua cycling, Kicksana and Body by Frame are only some of the new fitness regimes which are becoming the rage.

Natural Remedies

Ayurveda Tip — improve your sperm count with radish!
Here is an easy and cheap natural remedy to increase your sperm count.

Be Beautiful

Is swimming ruining your hair and skin? Tips to shield them from chlorine damage

Protecting your hair and skin from the ill-effects of chlorinated swimming pool water is essential. Here are tips to do so.

Quick Tips

5 reasons you’re not seeing results in the gym
Have you been hitting the gym for a long time without getting any results? Find out how to get ahead of the hump.

Diseases Decoded

8 useful tips to treat urinary incontinence (Gallery)
Suffering from urine leakage? Here are simple solutions to get rid of it.

Baby Talk

10 things you should think about before buying for your baby

Things you should never buy for your baby


हेल्दी रेसिपी: मूंग दाल सूप
- Mousumi Dutta
August 01, 2014 at 01:12pm
मूंग दाल की उत्पत्ति भारत में हुई है और इसके बहुत सारे …
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Yoga Pose of the Day

Try Vajrasana to improve digestion

This is a simple pose that is great to relax the mind and improve digestion. It is believed that a good digestive system is the key to a healthy …


மூட்டு வீக்க வலியைப் போக்க 6 யோகாசனங்கள்
நீங்கள் மூட்டுவாதத்தினால பாதிக்கப்படடு மற்றும் …

Diseases & Conditions

5 reasons to have sex right now!

A better sex life is a key to a healthy, happy life. Find out how sex helps you keep away chronic diseases


How to apply mascara (Video)

Have you been avoiding to apply mascara, because you dread it to go all over the place? Here are some techniques at your rescue.

Oral Health

Teeth Sensitivity – causes and treatment

All your questions on teeth sensitivity answered here.


6 ways to turn a breech baby to normal position
- Debjani Arora
August 01, 2014 at 07:01pm
Read about some natural and effective ways to help your breech baby turn to natural position on its own.
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Healthy food

7 health benefits of custard apples

Include custard apples or sitaphal in your diet to enjoy its wide range of health benefits.

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Union Budget 2014-15: What the Indian Medical Association wants
The Indian Medical Association is the largest national organisation of doctors and they – like the rest of us – will be waiting to see what the …


Now, a treatment for mouth cancer that kills only cancerous cells!

Are you aware about latest advances in cancer treatment? Here's what experts recommend you know.

Good Health Tip

Good health tip #7: Use methi seeds to banish dandruff

Here is a quick remedy to rid of dandruff permanently.


Elle Macpherson’s stylist’s tip — Know your style to be stylish
British fashion stylist Rachel Davis says that it is important to know your own body and follow the style accordingly rather than aping someone

Exercise of the Day

Know your exercises: Staggered push-ups

If you've got bored with the classic variation of the push-up, you can try out staggered push-ups which will work two major muscle groups together.

Get Inspired

Steven Gerrard retires from international football – 5 reasons we love the former England captain

As a lifelong Manchester United, there’s no footballer I love to hate more than Steven Gerrard. So it’s bittersweet really, because today, as he …

Healthy recipes

Healthy weight loss recipe: Dalia salad

Try this fibre-rich recipe to keep weight in control.

What's New

Coming soon — advanced CT scanner to reduce your lifetime cancer risk
Find out your risk of suffering from cancer with repeated exposure to imaging techniques.


Union Budget 2014-15: Healthcare sector expectations by Dr Arun Singh, Senior economist
- Dr Arun Singh
July 09, 2014 at 04:29pm
Dr Arun Singh, Senior Economist, Dun & Bradstreet, India tells us what he expects from the Union Budget 2014-15.  There are a significant …
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